Human-Machine Interaction

iStock_000016749067Medium.jpgInvestigations of human-machine interaction in human endeavours ranging from knowledge discovery to information visualisations and believable interaction in immersive cyber-physical worlds is an increasingly essential component in understanding of human functioning. We analyse believability of the behaviour of virtual agents “living” in cyber-physical worlds — what are the features of believability, how can they be formalised and implemented in computational form, and how can believability be evaluated?

We also investigate cyber-physical interfaces focussing both on virtual environments and also the tight integration of the virtual and physical worlds populated by humans as well as virtual and robotic agents. Developing the machinery for natural interaction between humans, robotic agents and virtual agents, building suitable interfaces for this task and integrating them into both physical and virtual environments is another significant direction of our research.

On the analytics side, we develop consistent visual computing techniques (including information visualisation and visual languages) for assisting the creative process of visual investigation and knowledge discovery.

Learning & Attention, Human & Machine

Believability of Embodied Virtual Agents and Virtual Environments

Visualisation, Visual Languages, Visual Reasoning and Visual Computing

Preserving and Simulating Cultures in Virtual Worlds

Believable Human-Computer-Interaction with Motion Capture

Real-Time Human-Robot Interactive Coaching System with Full-Body Control Interface


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