Research at The MARCS Institute

Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience

BENS_Slider_0.jpgResearch Program Leader: Professor André van Schaik

We conduct neurophysiological and psychophysical investigations and use computational and electronic modelling to reverse engineer the brain.

Human-Machine Interaction

HMI_slider_0.jpgResearch Program Leader: Professor Simeon Simoff

We explore the believability of the behaviour of virtual agents in cyber-physical worlds; investigate cyber-physical interfaces and develop the means to achieve natural interaction between the virtual and physical worlds populated by humans and virtual/robotic agent.

Multisensory Processing

MP_slider2_0.jpgResearch Program Leader: Professor Chris Davis

The multisensory processing of objects and actions underpins our sense of being in a stable, interpretable world; we study this processing at the signal, brain and behavioural levels.

Music Cognition and Action

MCA_slider_0.jpgResearch Program Leader: Professor Kate Stevens

Using behavioural and neuroscience approaches, we investigate the temporal dynamics in individual and group performance, perception, and creation of music and dance.

Speech and Language

SL_Slider_new.jpgResearch Program Leader: Professor Denis Burnham

We conduct research within and between languages, with infants, children and adults focussing on speech perception, speech production, and related skills such as literacy.

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