Tim Paris

Room no: 1.1.47
Building: 1
Campus: UWS Bankstown (Bullecourt Ave, Milperra)
Phone no.: +61 2 9772 6141

Research Student

Thesis Title

Prior Experience and Audiovisual Integration

Research Project

I am interested in how sensory information from multiple modalities (sound, vision) integrates together and how these processes of integration can change based on our prior experiences.

For example, when a signal is degraded or noisy (listening to somebody at a party) then we can adapt to this by placing greater emphasis on another source of information about the same event (looking at their lips move). While certain processes can adapt to these changes quickly, with little experience, other more automatic processes are not sensitive to such changes even after prolonged experience.

My thesis intends to investigate which processes of audiovisual integration are sensitive to and can adapt to changes in the sensory environment. To do this I am using behavioural and neurological (EEG, TMS) methods.


  • 2008 - B. Psychology (Hons) – University of Sydney, Australia

Full Publications

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